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October 10th - November 1st

Austin Cartwright Drawings

Austin Cartwright

Austin Cartwright

"All art shares the same unique ability to freely express and completely capture purpose. It is its own purpose, with little to no effort. This quality in art opens the artist's possibilities to an infinite range. This universality that art intrinsically possesses can create complex and layered meaning, or it can create a very literal and a surface level interpretation. The one common thread in all mediums is whether the intention of the artist is known or not, there is a sense of preservation that cannot be destroyed. In photography it is the moment. In sculpture it is the form. Drawing and painting preserve the light and color. Installation art preserves the object and spatial components. Performance preserves the expression.

The choice that an artist has is: what to preserve? I choose the moments of beauty that fight with the contrasting parts of living and humanity. Without being conscious of it, I have always been preserving memories and experiences through light, color, form, and space. There has been an obsession with geometry and structure that can only be explained by looking at the world around us. Space is filled with void until it is bent, pushed, pulled, or replaced by objects. This constant fluctuation becomes apparent in my paintings as the void is split and reconstructed into a space that preserves and mimics moments from life and memory.

My process of creating is analogous to the human body and its ability to endure transformation, destruction, and to ultimately heal. Paint is layered and scraped, and then layered and scraped. In the act of application and removal, the painting creates a history of itself through my decisions. The body acts in a similar way with its own scarring and healing process. As a painting grows and an identity is achieved, the painting gains a voice. I, as the artist, listen. In this, there becomes a relationship built between the artist and the body of art. This relationship grows and becomes a physical body of its own, that can stand and speak on its own."

--Austin's Artist Statement published by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art, 2013